Unraid Upgrade - New Hardware - Part 01

Unraid Upgrade - New Hardware - Part 01

The following is a story of my process to fix a problem with my Unraid server.

My Unraid server was locking up on a weekly basis and becoming unresponsive. I attempted to troubleshoot by tweaking the resource allocation given to each of the Dockers. I started by limiting the amount of ram and CPU cores accessible to each. This didn't fix my solution.

I tried to upgrade the OS to the latest version to see if that would provide a solution. No such luck.

I tried to switch back from per docker resource allocation. No such luck.

I tried to to switch from macvlan to ipvlan. No solution.

I tested on upgrading from my AMD Ryzen 5 1600 to an Intel Core i7-12700K. Swapped motherboards, added new ram with more capacity. Going from 32G to 64G. After installing the new components, I ran into more problems. This time with the hardware and firmware.

My new motherboard, ASUS TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4, didn't load the HDDs through the LSI SAS 9211 HBA card. Apparently, I needed to update the firmware/BIOS on the HBA from legacy to UEFI so it would be recognized and available to the motherboard without legacy support enabled.

My next step is to flash new firmware on the HBA via an interactive shell via the terminal. I'll update once I see if this provides a solution to the problem with the motherboard/HBA compatibility.

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